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Aldo Londi Ceramic Lamp for Bitossi Small

Aldo Londi Ceramic Lamp for Bitossi Small

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Aldo Londi's illustrious career at Bitossi Ceramiche represents a pinnacle of Italian pottery, marking a period where innovation met tradition in the heart of Italy's ceramic artistry. His collaboration with Bitossi not only transformed the company into a beacon of excellence but also redefined the global perception of Italian ceramics. Londi's groundbreaking work, particularly evident in the revered "Rimini Blu" collection, exemplifies the fusion of aesthetic vision and artisanal skill that has come to characterize Italian pottery.

This collection, under Londi's artistic direction, brought the world's attention to the unique beauty of Italian ceramic lamps, vases, and decorative objects. Known for their vibrant blue glazes and the enchanting play of light and shadow across their textured surfaces, these pieces embody the essence of mid-century modern design. Londi's ceramic lamps, in particular, stand as icons of design; their illuminating presence showcases the functional elegance and artistic depth of Italian pottery.

Through his contributions to Bitossi Ceramiche, Aldo Londi elevated Italian pottery to an art form celebrated worldwide. His legacy lives on in the exquisite ceramic lamps and other pieces that continue to inspire and captivate with their timeless beauty. Londi's work is a testament to the enduring appeal of Italian ceramics, blending innovative design with the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship.

Off-white, linen, lamp shade.

Lamp Base h 10.5" x w 5"

Lamp Shade h 8" x top 5" x bottom 10"

Overall Height 15.5"


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